Comrades at War


Comrades at War (Kammerater i Krig) is an informal group that specialise in the social aspect of airsoft. Originally it was a dedicated travel group for airsofters at Aarhus Airsoftfield (Danish). At the time the group predominantly took part in games in northern Jutland.

During the Corona crisis the group arranged small games at the aforementioned field as the marshals received a lot of smoke for doing so albeit it was legal. It turned out to be a sanctionary from the continous bombardment of corona news. When the crisis ended and Aarhus Airsoft field eventually closed, the group expanded its travel activities to other fields in central Jutland. In 2022 the group visited fields in all parts of Denmark except Fyn. In addition the group is also a regular at Dansk Airsoft Event's (Danish) games in Rørdal in Aalborg.

How do I join?

There are no particular requirements albeit the administrators expect good behavior on and off the field. There is no policing though. It is about friendship and camaraderie more than anything. Thus, good behavior is essential as opposed to uniform, gun etc. Join the Facebookgroup or find a member on any field. You can recognise them with the signature patch of the group. If you want a patch, you just have to ask. They are handed out for free.